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Samuel John Peploe R.S.A. (1871-1935)

Iona, Sunny Waters

Oil on panel
14 1/4 x 17 1/4 ins (36.3 x 43.9 cms)


Private collection, Scotland
Private collection, UK

Peploe first arrived in Iona in 1920, having been encouraged to do so by Cadell, who had been regularly painting on the island since 1912. During his first visit Peploe explored the island and found that the best subjects were located at the North End; this is borne out by his paintings, which are almost entirely of that area.

In 'Iona, Sunny Waters' Peploe has captured the view from North End looking out towards Eilean Annraidh (Island of Storm), which has a white sandy beach on the south side. This beach, only visible at low tide, is a distinctive feature in many of his and Cadell’s paintings.

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