Judith I Bridgland (b.1962)

Judith I Bridgland was born in Australia, and studied at the University of Glasgow, where she gained an Honours degree in History of Fine Art and English Literature. A member of the Paisley Art Institute and winner of the prestigious MacRoberts Open Prize in 1999, Judith's work is collected world wide in both private and public collections, being owned by Universities such as Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian, and companies such as British Midland and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

She has exhibited successfully at home, and abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia and Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Judith's work is strongly based in the Scottish landscape tradition. She uses bold colours and strong rhythmical compositions to communicate the strength and vitality of the natural landscape. Her paintings are full of tension, contrast and balance: contrasts of colour; contrasts of natural, organic shapes with abstract geometric ones; contrasts of areas of flat colour with areas of delicate detail; of thick impasto with thin washes of underpainting.

Her paintings are intended both as records of actual very specific places, times of day and seasons of the year, as well as being about something more personal, where landscapes becomes metaphors, and conjure up an emotional feeling.

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