Judith Bridgland Exhibition 2017

9 February to 3 March 2017


We are delighted to be holding this, our 11th, exhibition of Judith Bridgland's work, comprising of 40 paintings from Judith's travels over the past year.

 Force of Nature

"Nature and its elemental forces are everywhere.  Even in the most urban of landscapes, nature is present, bringing colour and vitality, seasonal change, and the rhythm of the tides.

In exploring this theme I have looked at water in all its moods.  Rivers and canals fill cities and villages with a pulse of powerful, organic life.  From the banks of the Thames where the river is wide and slow, to the rushing torrents of the spectacular Falls of Dochart, to the quiet reflections of the acqua alta in Venice.  Meanwhile, the ever-changing seas of Cornwall or Scotland have a life and character of their own, and hold a never-ending fascination.

A good exhibition should take you on a journey, tell you a story.  This is therefore the story of another year of my travelling, observing, recording, note-taking, and remembering.  It is a story about what it is to be a Scottish painter, and to be the force that brings all these elements together".     Judith I Bridgland

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